Taxicab Service

Taxicab Service- Marietta

Luxury has become more than just a standard of living. It depicts your identity as well. In the case of luxury taxi transportation, you expect to be given a royal treatment. For the moment you hire a private transportation service till you board down the car, you are to be treated like a king (or queen, for that matter). If you are looking for such royal service, then call Payless Taxi & Limo Service today.

Our taxicab services are perfect for those who need to travel around town in a cost effective yet comfortable transportation. Each vehicle in our fleet is well maintained and cleaned on a daily basis to ensure a hygienic cab. Our drivers are professionals who are committed to our values of customer satisfaction. Whether you want a point to point booking, or would like a simple pickup from your home or workplace, Payless Taxi & Limo Service's taxicab service is the best option to choose in Marietta and surrounding areas. We also offer special handicap taxi services for transporting the disabled, those who are wheelchair bound, and the frail. Payless Taxi & Limo Service offers door to door transport for the users of all types of wheelchairs, including electric chairs & mobility scooters, and for those with limited mobility. All our chauffeurs in Marietta are vetted, licensed and fully insured, experienced, caring as well as careful.

At Payless Taxi & Limo Service, Marietta, we believe in bringing luxury, comfort, and convenience together through our 24x7 cheap taxi services in Marietta.